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World class education for Armenian youth

World class education for Armenian youthWe’ve got an idea to support our heros to get access to world class education by using well known educational websites, such as and
Here is how it works: we will be approaching organizations managing youth education and the recovery of our heros to compile a list of potential students willing to spend some time to study. We will assess their interests in various subjects along with the level of their foreign language skills and will recommend series of courses to achieve their educational goals.

On the other side we would need some sponsorships, which could come in two different forms:
- Financial assistantship: donate funds that will be used to pay for the courses.
- Teaching assistantship: donate time to help students to overcome language barriers and facilitate studies (foreign language fluency and some subject matter expertise might be required).

Could you please send us PM or an email to edugnosis at if you would be willing to get involved with either of sponsorship types. Please do not send any money as most likely the actual fundraising will be organized though a charity organization allowing to issue tax deductible receipts.
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