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Factoring Numbers

Before you can compute greatest common factors and least common multiples, you need to know how to factor numbers. This worksheet can be configured with problems that are one of three types. The first type asks that the numbers be factored into primes, meaning listing those prime numbers that are factors of each. It can also ask for a prime factorization, which means a set of multiplicands which are prime numbers and have a product of the larger number. Finally, you can have it ask for all numbers (prime or not) that are factors of the number, and includes 1 and the number itself. This last one is the most difficult since many large numbers can have over a dozen possible factors.

Factoring Numbers Options:

Factoring Type:   Find all prime factors for each number
  Find the prime factorization for each number
  Find all possible factors for each number
Difficulty:   Easy
Paper size:    
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